Becoming a watercolor artist for me is like embarking on an uncharted voyage across a sea of emotions, experiences, and colors. It's a journey where my heart and hand blend harmoniously to give birth to creation.


When I start painting, I stand on the shoreline of possibility, gazing at the expansive canvas. It is both thrilling and intimidating, a blank paper that is a world waiting to be breathed into existence, then dips my brush into the water, soaking up the moisture, fluidity, and unpredictability that characterizes the journey ahead. As I gently nudge the water-logged brush into the pigment, colors bloom, transforming into a vibrant palette of emotions and narratives waiting to be told.


Like a ship setting sail, my brush touches the paper, and I embark on their voyage. Wild and willful watercolor spread across the surface, creating soft gradients and sudden blooms. It is an intricate dance of control and surrender, a testament to my ability to shape chaos into coherence.


Each painting becomes a voyage, from the calm seas of serene landscapes to the stormy waves of emotional portraits. I navigate through the highs and lows, braving the tumultuous storms of self-doubt and riding the uplifting winds of inspiration and achievement.


Over time, my strokes became more confident, their understanding of the medium deepened, and their unique style emerged. Yet, the journey never truly ends. With each completed artwork, they arrive at a new destination, only to find another blank canvas, another sea of potential waiting on the horizon.


Being a watercolor artist is a lifelong journey of learning, unlearning, creating, and recreating. It's a testament to the transformative power of art, where an unassuming brush, some pigments, and water come together to create magic on a canvas. And in this journey, I don't just create art; I discover myself, one stroke, one artwork, one journey at a time.

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